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  Seeds of Holocaust

Society moves from fad to fad and from one anxiety to the next. On a larger picture we move from disaster to disaster, war to war, tragedy to tragedy. Someone like Darwin writes a book on Evolution which is a theory presented and its not long before it becomes fact in the minds of some. The latest chic cause is Global Warming a theory presented by some which became fact for others. All that is needed is someone who is a so called expert to expound a principal, the result becomes fact and if untrue usually takes a dis- proportionate amount of time to disprove but never gets completely eradicated in the minds of some. The pain of such error always falling on those parts of society least able to cope with the effects. Boiling this down to a principal to make it understandable what we are dealing with is simple Cause and Effect. In Christianity its called; AS YOU HAVE SOWN SO SHALL YOU REAP! Obviously the human race has a long way to go to learn this lesson. Sowing equals Cause and Reaping equals Effect. Beyond that we are our own worst enemy. Want to find the person who hurt you the most; look in a mirror, you will find him.

The original parents in the garden had no idea nor could they possibly comprehend the effect their actions would have on future generations. Deceived into believing that having the knowledge of Good and Evil would somehow make them wise and partaking of that very thing, the desire of being AS GOD. On the first instance what do we see happen? Fear, Shame, Guilt, Rationalization, Projection, Lying were only the beginning. The seeds of Holocaust were well planted. Archbishop Fulton Sheen described it as; The greatest cop out of all time!

Let us examine some of the more famous cop outs. They would be humorous if the results were not so tragic. God asked Adam why he did it? Adam replied; Its because of the WOMAN YOU gave me. He blamed God and Eve equally. God asked Eve why she did it? Her reply a bit more honest; "The serpent deceived me!" Seeds of Holocaust and from there the scene moves to the first murder and onward. They were warned that if they partook of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil they would die the death. After the deception they did not believe God and that fact has remained with their descendent's since. The only thing that evil can offer is Death. Since then woman has been blamed for the fall (the blame game) but who was the husband? Adam could have stopped the whole thing and as he was head of house then the blame fixing falls on him!

The next great cop out occurs at Mount Sinai. Aaron the brother of Moses makes a golden calf for the Israelites to worship. When Moses asked him why he did it? Aaron answered; "I threw the gold into the fire and it came out a calf." Really lame, but no more lame than the lies we tell each day. Seeds of Holocaust. Moses received at Mount Sinai the Ten Commandments or referred to as the Decalogue. In actuality the very medicine to cure the seeds of Holocaust. Next came Hillel the sage teacher of the Jews who reduced the Commandments to two. "You shall LOVE the Lord Your God and Love your Neighbor as your self." (shortened for brevity here) The rest was commentary. If one stops and thinks about this, that is an accurate statement. This statement is also included in the Gospels, It explains fully and contains the intent of the Decalogue.

The question arises why didn`t God forgive the blooper in the garden. Cause and Effect was the reason. "Behold the man has become like one of US and unless he stretch out his hand and eat of the tree of life...." From the moment of their act in the garden the first parents set in motion a holocaust that has been ongoing since. Cause and Effect in motion reaping what has been sown. Neither one of those souls realized that the deception set in motion by Lucifer contained within it every sin that the human race would ever commit, his goal was to murder the human race as he had sworn to destroy not only the woman who was destined to be Queen, The King who would reign forever, he also vowed to destroy man. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The knowledge of evil contains all the seeds of holocaust. Controlling the knowledge of evil without divine help is an impossibility and Lucifer knew this, thus the seeds of holocaust were planted and it would not be long before they took root. Later scripture tells us that the lives of men were shortened to 120 years, this actually is an act of mercy. If a man can be very corrupt in 80
years imagine how corrupt in 800.

The Catholic Church has for the past 1500 years published the Seven Deadly Sins these are; Pride, Avarice (Greed) Envy, Wrath, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth for the purposes of this work let us add two; Racism, and Religious Tyranny, including the Occult. All of this is contained in the original sin including sub categories. Some of these would be, Brutality, Infanticide, Sexual Slavery, Terrorism, Human Sacrifice, etc. The Original Sin contained it all. BUT you say its one sin! It only took one sin to set it all in motion. Think about this; married People have extra marital affairs and it all ends in a possible murder or the destruction of the family and its one sin but look at all the lives it effects and beyond it effects society as a whole. Cause and Effect!

Old Testament scripture is a classic study of sin and its consequences. When the Israelites were holding to the laws and precepts laid down for them all was well and they prospered. When they went against what God had commanded the result was tragic. Jesus warned that the day would come when those in error would come and kill us thinking they are rendering service to God. This has more or less been so but in this modern time this has been turned into a world wide movement. Thinking that they will be martyrs and somehow convinced they will receive 72 virgins as part of their reward. I mentioned in the outset of this that one man writes a book and it becomes fact in the minds of others no matter how irrational or corrupt the thinking might be. Let us do evil so good will come of it?? No; the seeds of holocaust!  

The mind tends to compartmentalize events. There is a war and when its over peace. There is a tragedy and when it is finished its over, We tend not to look at events as part of a whole, a continuous stream. Yet all events are interconnected and the deadly sins being constantly in motion what appears to be quiet is only the deep breath before the plunge. If one looks at the entire stream of history as a whole then the fact that it has been a holocaust becomes clear. Good creates a renaissance, Evil creates a holocaust. The cold steel of Cause and Effect will build on the side of good or destroy on the side of evil. Evil can only destroy as it is its very nature.

During the period from the late eighteenth century through to the current now the idea of Secular Enlightenment has become fashionable if not more or less a religion on its own. Add to this the writings of various individuals from the occult, the family planning movement, and those who trumpeted the virtues and destiny of the Aryan race coupled with widespread apostasy in Europe, add to the mix a severe depression in Germany partly brought on by the crushing articles of the Versailles treaty of the first world war; one which allowed the ambitions of a supreme Aryan race to take root and fester and the stage is set for another chapter of holocaust. Meanwhile in Japan the writings of Kita Ikki and others along with the idea of Socialism and the influence of European Fascism had taken root in Japan creating a totalitarian military government with the goal of war with the United States. They saw themselves as the defender of Asia but of course their end goal was their rule throughout Asia if not the entire Pacific region. The seeds of holocaust.

I will not recount the history of the Second World War here. Its well known other than to say that 68 million people died as a result worldwide, 8 million in China alone. Many of the ideas that brought on this war continued to take root and it was not long before they showed themselves like wolves in sheep's clothing between the subsequent wars and policies couched in acceptable phrases backed by the writings of so called experts taking root and becoming popular, that which we fought so hard against now became acceptable
practice. Human Experimentation, Abortion, Sterilization, Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide, Population Control etc., the elements that were the tools of tyranny.

What does all this have to do with me I am a good person? The answer; It has everything to do with you! When one group becomes convinced they are superior to all other groups and that life would be better if these other groups did not exist that is another holocaust in the making. When we despise a person for their heritage or skin color that is a seed of holocaust. When we do not see the human potential in another person we are on that road. When we oppress one class in favor of another. When we deal unjustly with another person. When we deny them the same rights we have. When we hate whitey or when we hate a Mexican, Italian, Jews on and on. Anytime the idea shows itself that we can enslave another because they belong to that lower Strata. When we hate instead of love, when we lie, cheat, steal, covet or charge an unbelievable amount of usury against a certain class. World War 2 in a large part was caused by racism, anti Semitism, and by the idea that certain classes do not have the right to live. Abortion is a continuation of the same idea that caused the death camps. Couched in nice catch phrase Pro choice!

The only way for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing. The only way evil can succeed in us is for us to yield to it. The seeds of Holocaust are present in each of us whether they take root is up to us. Remember that ego always says it is self sufficient and pride always says; I AM AS GOD.

When The nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ occurred it was at the midnight of the one of the darkest hours of human existence. The world enslaved and what remained of Judea was like a small beacon of light in that darkness. Then in the fullness of time there came a marvelous light. The light shone in the darkness but the darkness grasped it not. The birth of the everlasting covenant. God made it easier to become adopted but he also made it more difficult. We had to adhere to the law as well as receive Jesus as Lord and Savior as well as King. Immediately a holocaust was unleashed against those who have accepted this wonderful gift of life; a holocaust that continues to this day. Almighty God promised that he would pour out his Spirit upon all men. The day of Pentecost brought the fulfillment of that promise. Peter addressed a crowd of approximately 5000 people and each heard him in his own tongue. Without the holy Spirit they would not have been able to hear him!

Make no mistake that there was a point of time in human existence when the hearts of men had been so corrupted a large part had to be destroyed. But Noah found favor with God and after the flood elemental commands were give to him and humanity for righteousness.
Then came Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and then Moses. During this time the hearts of men were so dark that only a flicker of life remained. So dark they had to be taught how to live to begin a remnant of believers faithful through their generations to create a race that would accept the New and Everlasting Covenant and be the Evangelists of the same. Thus we see the term the fullness of time. Remember Elijah and the 450 prophets of Baal at Mt. Carmel. God said; "he had reserved for himself 6000 men in Israel that had not bent the knee to Baal." Out of all that multitude 6000 men. Saint Paul in his Epistle to the Romans mentions; That if all that come out of Israel are a numerous as sand on the seashore it will only be a REMNANT! The seeds of holocaust having consumed the rest!

The teachings of The Holy Roman Catholic Church are all aimed to teach us how to live rightly and to avoid allowing the seeds of holocaust to find root in us. To teach us to live rightly according to gods will, mercifully and compassionately but the biggest goal is to teach us love and how to love. We are given the sacraments and shown the way home all we need is to do it. When we fail the Sacrament of reconciliation to set us right. This does not relieve us of the results of what we sowed but as we are forgiven, we can overcome.

I mentioned in the outset About Darwin and his Theory of Evolution. To many this became the bible of how life came to be. Darwin examined effects not cause. There is a large difference between Reality and Actuality. What is it in and of itself? Then one begins to perceive the actuality. Mostly people do not think; they react and that usually in passion or anger. One of the first things Jesus said on the cross was; "Father forgive them for they know not what they do." He recognized that in a large part if all of his accusers truly knew what they were doing to themselves and future generations they would have never done it. Without his unqualified forgiveness they would have remained under that sentence for what they did. Saint Steven forgave his tormentors and asked God to not hold it against them. One of those was Saul of Tarsus who later became the greatest evangelist the church would ever have. Forgiveness kills the roots of Holocaust.

Holy Scripture has withstood the best that the world minds could throw at it and is the only source of truth. Believe that, instead of the expoundments of someone who in a few years will write just the opposite of what they once said. Base your life on truth! Kill the seeds of Holocaust with Faith, Hope, and Love. love the Lord Your God with all that you have. Love your neighbor as your self.

Most of us are not in the position of being able to bring about change politically or nationally. But we can change ourselves and in so doing we do change the world. I always thought of myself as being a good person, until one day I came face to face with myself and found that I had picked up a lot of baggage in my youth most of it racist both in expression and in attitude. After a long period of introspection I had to admit that my idea of love was only a shadow of what it should be. That standard that Jesus taught us, I was unforgiving and unloving. Now its difficult to be that honest with oneself but I was. I wanted to change my life, I was tired of feeling like I was a hypocrite expressing one thing while actually living another. Amazing what daily scripture reading and prayer can do.

I had far too many things I needed to change so I set them up in my mind visualizing them as bridges I had to cross. I knew that it was not possible to change everything at once. So it was one bridge at a time praying  my way through each one. That was in 1976 and today I still have a few more bridges. Oddly one of the by products of the effort was a clarity of vision that formed as to how my individual actions on a day to day basis were largely responsible for unhappy circumstances not only directly in my life but for those around me. Realizing finally that these are the seeds of holocaust.

Just before World War 2 and during the war where I grew up Anti Semitism was rampant.
It was a disease afflicting the populace and due to this attitude the help that the Jews should have been able to have did not occur as the west could have received them and refused. The result was what Hitler called "The Final Solution." This attitude actually contributed in large part to what occurred. Racism is such an ugly attitude unspeakable is its effect on people. Question? Are the current attacks on the weaker members of our society namely; Infantcide, Abortion, Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide, THE FINAL SOLUTION?

Yes what we say and do directly affects many lives thus it behooves us to follow the golden rule. DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU. Each one of us on our day to day interactions with those we come in contact with, the attitudes we express around our children, and how we view the world has a profound effect on those whose names we do not know not only now but for generations to come.

I found this quote by Pope St. Gregory the Great and it speaks to the heart of what is said here, modified somewhat for this article.

"What can we men do, fully-grown, but weak, who are overcome by anger, inflated by pride, disquieted by ambition, corrupted by pleasure, when we see young women sent to the sword of abortion and many to the Kingdom of Heaven? We may not be able to attain the kingdom through battle and persecution, but let us be ashamed, that we are unwilling to follow God even in times of peace. At present God is not saying to any of us, "Die for me" yet!, but just put to death the unlawful desires within you! Would we give our bodies for the Lord in time of war, when we are not willing to subdue their desires in time of peace?"

We have an expert that we listen to. He did not author a book per se but was the author of the book on life; Holy Scripture. The experts name is Jesus Christ. So if you have been looking for an expert to listen to; I just gave you his name. The Apostle Paul wrote in his Epistle to the Romans; Those that live under the law are judged by it! Imagine standing judgment in the face of Cause and Effect, the cold steel of law. You were purchased By Jesus Christ at the cross; he paid the debt that justice demanded. 

The seeds of holocaust are present in each of us. Almighty God granted us freedom of choice and free will. We can choose to be loving or hatefull on a moment by moment basis if we yield or decide to go against the virtues, the seeds of holocaust BECOME EXPRESSED..  Often resulting in strongholds erected in us along with the effects they bring into our life. Imagine a world where each practices the Golden Rule; Imagine that Peace!

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