The Meaning of the Bridge of Angels

The Bridge of Angels (in Italian,
Ponte Sant'Angelo) spans the Tiber River in Rome. Only a few steps away from St. Peter's Basilica, the bridge reflects the psychological shift from secular to sacred that occurs when pilgrims crossed from the busy streets of Rome over to the churches of the Vatican. Gian Lorenzo Bernini, the famed Italian sculptor, originally designed the bridge's angel sculptures in the seventeenth century. Though few of the angels standing today were done by his hand, Bernini's vision for the bridge lives on.

Five angel sculptures flank each side of the bridge, with statues of Saint Peter and Saint Paul on the eastern bank. At the base of each sculpture is a line from the Bible in Latin. The verses inscribed on many of the sculptures are dissimilar to the verses readers find in today's Bibles, because they are based on an old and superseded scripture translation called the
Latin Vulgate.

Below are the Latin inscriptions, their translations, and an explanation of their religious significance.

Angel with the Column
Inscription: "Tronus meus in columna"
Translation: My throne is upon a column (
Sirach 24:4)
Significance: According to tradition, Roman prisoners were whipped while bound to a low pillar or column. The book of Sirach is found in Catholic Bibles, but considered apocryphal by certain Christian denominations.

Angel with the Scourge
Inscription: "In flagella paratus sum"
Translation: I am ready for the scourge (
Psalm 37:18, Latin Vulgate version) Significance: According to Mark 15:15, the Roman governor Pontius Pilate had Jesus scourged before having him crucified.

Angel with the Crown of Thorns
Inscription: "In aerumna mea dum configitur spina"
Translation: The thorn is fastened upon me (
Psalm 31:4, Latin Vulgate)
Significance: According to Mark 15:17, Roman soldiers crowned Jesus with thorns before they crucified him.

Angel with Veronica's Veil
Inscription: "Respice faciem Christi tui"
Translation: Look upon the face of your Christ (Psalm 84:9)
Significance: According to Roman Catholic tradition, a woman named Veronica wiped Jesus' face with a cloth while he was carrying the cross; Jesus' image remained on the cloth.

Angel with the Garment and Dice
Inscription: "Super vestimentum meum miserunt sortem"
Translation: For my clothing they cast lots (Psalm 22:18)
Significance: According to Mark 15:24, Roman soldiers took Jesus' well-made garments and played dice for them.

Angel with the Cross
Inscription: "Cuius principatus super humerum eius"
Translation: Dominion rests on his shoulders (Isaiah 9:6)
Significance: This scripture verse links the "Wonder-Counselor, God-Hero" of Isaiah's prophecies to Jesus. Earlier in the same Isaiah passage, the prophet announces that "a child is born to us, a son is given us." The cross resting on Jesus' shoulders is symbolically linked to his dominion.

Angel with the Nails
Inscription: "Aspicient ad me quem confixerunt"
Translation: They will look upon me whom they have pierced (Zechariah 12:10)
Significance: According to Thomas' words in John 20:25, Jesus was nailed to the cross. The crucifixion narrative in John's gospel (John 19:37) quotes this Zechariah verse. Zechariah chapter 12 prophesies Jerusalem's victory and vindication, accompanied by mourning for those who suffered for her sake.

Angel with the Superscription "INRI"
Inscription: "Regnavit a ligno deus"
Translation: God has reigned from the tree (sixth-century hymn)
Significance: The lyrics to this
ancient hymn about the cross describe the "blest Tree, whose happy branches bore/ the wealth that did the world restore." The inscription INRI is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase "Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews." According to the gospels, the INRI sign was affixed to Jesus' cross.

Angel with the Wine-Soaked Sponge
Inscription: "Potaverunt me aceto"
Translation: They gave me vinegar to drink (Psalm 69:21)
Significance: The gospels of Matthew and Mark report that just before Jesus died, one of the soldiers who crucified him placed a sponge dipped in "sour wine" on a stick and held the stick to Jesus' lips.

Angel with the Spear
Inscription: "Vulnerasti cor meum"
Translation: You have ravished my heart (Song of Solomon 4:9)
Significance: According to John's gospel, after Jesus died, one of the soldiers pierced his side with a spear to confirm that he was dead. Christian tradition has tied this action to the "ravishing" or "wounding" of the heart of the beloved in the Song of Solomon. This tradition emphasizes that Jesus underwent death by crucifixion as an act of love for humankind.

Remember that it is not the passion of Christ that defines the Person of Christ, but the Person Who defines the passion. Remember that it is not the suffering that bears the meaning, but the meaning that bears the suffering…that it is not the cross that carries the love but the love that carries the cross…that it is not crucifixion that encompasses salvation, but salvation that encompasses even the tragedy of crucifixion… and that it is not the long sentence of Holy week, with all its phrases, dependent clauses and semi-colons that completes the gospel, but it is the punctuation to come, the last mark of the week, whether it be the exclamation point of Peter, the full stop period of Paul or the question mark of Mary—Easter defines Holy Week, and not the other way around. Oh, we want to be clear, now: the resurrection follows but not replace the cross, for sure. Still, it is also true that the cross precedes but does not overshadow the resurrection. It is Life that has the last word.


How to Meditate on the Passion of Christ

Source: THE SCHOOL OF JESUS CRUCIFIED, Fr. Ignatius of the Side of Jesus, TAN BOOKS, 
with Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur, 1895

PERHAPS there is no subject for meditation more suitable for every class of persons than the most sacred Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ. In it may sinners find the encouragement and graces necessary for their conversion; from it may beginners derive strength and fervor wherewith to subdue their passions; in it may the good discover fresh incentives to advance in the paths of virtue. In short, there are none who will not find in it an inexhaustible mine of hidden treasures, and an endless source of graces and spiritual blessings. In all ages it has been a favorite exercise of the Saints, who greatly to their consolation have been in the habit of spending hours, day and night, in meditation on the bitter sufferings of their Saviour. So much is not required of you, O devout Christian, but only that you should daily spend half, or at least a quarter of an hour, in attentive consideration of some point of the Passion of Jesus. The man who is desirous of ascertaining the degree of pungency possessed by a grain of mustard seed, chews it leisurely, tastes it deliberately, keeps it in his mouth, and is careful not to swallow it whole, by which means its heat is fully communicated to his palate so as to bring tears to his eyes. Similar are the mysteries of the Passion of Jesus Christ; swallowed, as it were, in one mouthful, they touch not the heart; superficially run over ny a single passing thought, their virtue is not experienced in the soul; but when slowly digested by attentive consideration, they give rise to holy affections and wonderful resolutions. Only make the attempt, apply your mind diligently to this holy exercise, and you will be convinced, by your own experience, how great a change of heart, reformation of life, hatred of sin, and love of God it will produce in your soul. Make the attempt, and you will behold all the difficulties foolishly apprehended in meditation by foolish worldlings vanish before your eyes, and you will feel how sweet it is to the soul to remain in silence, contemplating Jesus Crucified.

In order to facilitate the practice of this holy exercise, I have arranged a Meditation, divided into three points, upon the principal mysteries of the Sacred Passion of Christ, for every day of the month. Do not be satisfied with merely glancing your eye down it and reading its contents in a hasty cursory manner, but read it very slowly, and pause frequently, in order to reflect attentively upon what you are reading.

Whatever mystery of the Passion you take for the subject of your meditation, you may always bestow attentive consideration on the following five points:

1. The infinite greatness of Him Who suffers.
2. The excess of suffering and ignominy which He endures. 
3. How great is the love with which He suffers.
4. The infinite unworthiness and vileness of those for whom He suffers. 
5. That His principal aim in all His sufferings is to be loved by men.

   Let these reflections sink deep into your mind, and if one of them, or any other point of the meditation which you are reading, should make a lively impression upon your heart, dwell awhile on it without caring to go on any further. You may even make your prayer upon the same point for several days, and even weeks, in succession, if you find it productive of good thoughts, reserving the other points for the following days, and you will Soon perceive how useful such repetitions will be to your soul. After your mind has been employed in attentively considering and reflecting upon the mystery and its attendant circumstances, it will not be difficult for your will to be excited and touched by different holy affections, which you ought to pass some short time in exercising with great calmness of spirit, giving free vent to the emotions of your heart, and following the sweet impulses of God's grace.

  The principal affections to which you may excite your mind during your meditation upon the sufferings of Jesus are as follows:

1. Admiration---How is it possible, you may say, that a God can suffer so much for the love of me, a vile creature? Oh, what excessive love and charity!

2. Gratitude---By exciting yourself to interior emotions of gratitude and appreciation of the greatness of the benefits bestowed upon you by Jesus in His Passion, feeling how much you are indebted to your dear Redeemer, and resolving constantly to praise and thank Him for His infinite love toward you.
3. Compassion---By compassionating your Crucified Jesus overwhelmed with sorrow and suffering, and by earnestly desiring that you had been present to have afforded some relief to your most afflicted Lord.
4. Contrition for your sins---By considering all that those guilty pleasures in which you have indulged contrary to the law of God have cost Jesus Christ, and how large a share you have had in His Passion and Death. Bewail your sins at His feet, and firmly resolve to die rather than ever more to offend a Father so worthy of your love.

 5. Love---By protesting that you will bestow all the affections of your heart upon Him who has so much loved you, and by desiring to have, if possible, a thousand hearts solely occupied in loving Him, and corresponding in some measure with His infinite charity. Offer and consecrate yourself entirely to the love of Jesus Crucified. Desire that He may be known and loved by all men.

6. Prayer---By asking of Our Lord grace to love Him, to imitate Him, and never to offend Him. Endeavor to inspire your heart with lively feelings of confidence that God will grant all your requests through the merits of the Passion of Jesus Christ. Your most fervent request ought to be for grace to correct some habitual fault, to overcome your predominant passion, and to practice that virtue in which you are most deficient, and which has occupied a prominent place in the subject of your meditation, thereby to imitate Jesus Christ; for the imitation of Christ should be the principal object of every meditation on His Passion. Having made the affections, you should proceed to resolutions. Promise Our Lord that you will never more displease Him by mortal or even deliberate venial sin. Determine to avoid such or such a fault (name it), and to make use of such or such means (specify which). For example, to fly from such or such a house, to avoid such and such a companion, instantly to dismiss this or that thought, immediately to curb those bursts of passion, to place a guard over your eyes, to keep silence on such and such occasions, etc.

   Remember that the principal fruit of your prayer consists in these resolutions, and far more in keeping them faithfully. Place them in the sacred Wounds of Jesus, and in the hands of Mary, and implore grace to put them in practice. Keep them in view during the whole course of the day, and an occasional examination as to the manner in which You are practicing them will be a most efficacious means of ensuring your fidelity.

   Whoever follows the instructions here given will discover by experience how easy a practice is meditation on the Passion of Jesus Christ, and will clearly perceive how greatly those are deceived who say that it is a practice suitable only to religious and too difficult for seculars. Meditation, as I have already said, is in fact nothing more than the exercise of the memory, understanding and will, upon some mystery or truth of our holy Faith. Now, if we are accustomed to exercise those powers from morning till night on sensible objects which are often sinful, why should we not be able, with the assistance of God's grace, to exercise them in the consideration of the bitter Passion of Jesus Christ, our most loving Redeemer?




An Act of Faith

I BELIEVE, O my God, that Thou art here present. Wherever I direct the eyes of my mind, there do I find Thee. O how wonderful and incomprehensible is the omnipresence of my God! Thou dost deign to converse with me during this hour, and to communicate Thyself to my poor soul with so much love and condescension. O how great is the goodness of my God!

An Act of Adoration

O MY God, from out of the deep abyss of my nothingness, I humbly adore Thine infinite Majesty and Greatness with my whole heart and soul. I acknowledge Thee for my First Beginning, and my most blessed Last End, for my great and only Good, and for my All in time and eternity. I would willingly adore Thee as Thou dost deserve, and as my own heart desires to adore Thee, but since I never could succeed in so doing, I offer Thee all the acts of adoration which have been, or will be offered to Thee for eternity by the Saints and Angels in Heaven, and by the blessed Virgin, as also those made by the most holy Soul of Jesus Christ now and during all eternity. Accept them, O my God, in the place of those which I am unable to offer Thy Sovereign Majesty.

An Act of Humility

WHO am I, O my God, that I should dare to present myself before Thine infinite Majesty? I am a most wretched creature, or rather, an abyss of nothingness, an abominable sinner immersed in a sink of uncleanness. I am an abyss of sin and misery, deserving of nothing but Hell, where I should long ago have dwelt, had not Thy mercy so lovingly delivered me. I acknowledge, O my God, my great unworthiness, and I confess that I deserve to be forever banished from Thee; nevertheless in Thy infinite condescension Thou dost call, invite, and command me to come to Thee, to address Thee, and to converse with Thee. How great must be Thy goodness, O my God, who disdaineth not to admit me to familiar intercourse with Thee! I most profoundly humble myself before Thy Divine Majesty, and from out of the abyss of my sins and nothingness do I raise my voice in suppliant accents to implore Thy mercy.

An Act of Contrition

 HAVE mercy on me, O my God; I repent of having so often offended Thee, and I am deeply grieved at having by my sins outraged Thine infinite goodness, O Thou Who hast loved and still lovest me to such a degree. Would that my grief were such as might break this heart which has dared to be unfaithful to Thee. I promise Thee, with the help of Thy grace, never more to return to my hateful sins, and rather to forfeit life itself than Thy love.

An Act of Petition

  BEHOLD me then, my God, prostrate at Thy feet, for the purpose of beginning my meditation;

O do Thou assist me by Thy grace that my soul may be benefited by it; do Thou enlighten my mind that I may know how much Thou hast loved me, and give an impulse to my will that I may form an efficacious resolution of loving Thee. Give me courage to devote myself without delay to the fulfillment of Thy Will, whatever it may be, and grace faithfully to correspond with all Thy holy inspirations. Most holy Virgin Mary, my dear Mother, and thou, my blessed Angel Guardian, obtain for me the assistance necessary to make this meditation in a manner profitable to me.

Two Gardens

In one garden,
the lie was chosen
over the will of God,
and nature groaned under the curse
and the grief and the countless tears
of mankindthat followed.

In one garden,
quietly, one full moon night
the will of God was chosen
over the lieand nature knew
the promise of healing
that would free a woeful mankind
of its tears had begun
in the unfathomable grief of
the one who said yes.


The Shroud

How white the linen
they laid outat first.

How clean the water was
in its ewer, waiting to be poured.
How fresh the towel.

Loving hands though,
soon turned the waters
ruby red in a vain attempt
to erase some of the terrors of the day.

Sweet spice could not wholly
cover up the smell of blood,
of pain, of death,
of the cost of redemption.

Loving hands, though,
wrapped the linen snugly
over his prostrate form,
as if in final gesture,
a last farewell,
letting the whiteness of the sheet
turn what color it would,
Loving hands never knowing
what image their care
would leave behind.


The Crowning

The dirty soldier's cloak,
a proper Roman scarlet
is draped over his bleeding raw back,
the fabric growing darker
wherever it touches
the handiworkthe soldiers left behind
in long red stripes still bloody.

A game he has become in their hands.
For the soldiers bored,
violent children of a violent culture,
he is a doll to take their frustrations out
against everything they hate about this
dusty foreign place filled with strange people.

They crown him with their
disdain, hate, fear,
wrapped amid the thorns.

And as they bow low before each blow,
they ignore the miracle in their midst,
the privilege they have been given,
to be the ones to stand infor all the mockery,
all the disdain of God and good
that we heap upon the head of Jesus
until the end of time.


Simeon's Prophesy       

How long ago you heard
the words of Simeon, your dearest son
A sign of contradition, a sword to pass through you, and here it is, that moment so long ago,
dreaded, feared, fulfilled.

It is not a long walk
from the judgement place
to the place of execution,
but the way is filled
with the passover crowd,
and the streets are narrow.
how you have to struggle,
trying to follow,
to get close,
to see.

The procession halts for a moment,
and soon you see why,
as he lies there,
tasting the dust of the street.
An exasperated soldier
begins a kick to motivate him,
but for some reason,
realizes the futility of it,
and begins to yank him up.
For a moment you touch him,
try to comfort him,
feel the sword go deeper into your heart.
How deep the sword must go before it is over.


At the Foot of Your Cross

let me find refuge
at the foot of your cross,
where you bled and died
so that I might live.

Only here,
beneath the cross
where you shed your blood
can I find refuge
from the darkness.

Only here,
beneath the cross,
can I find refuge
from the wages of sin.

Here at the foot of your cross,
I pour out my tears
like the Magdalene,
tears of grief at what my sin has wrought,
tears of sorrow for what you chose to do,
tears of grief at the need.

Here at the foot of your cross,
I stand with your sorrowful mother,
she who I once wanted to comfort
for her pain,
her sorrow,
her loss,
but who sustains me as I collapse in grief.

Here at the foot of your cross,
I confront the reality of my self,
and find not the condemnation or rejection I deserve,
but only love.


Mary on the Way to Golgotha

How thick the crowd must have seemed,
O Lady of Sorrows,
as you threaded your way
in that numbing timelessness
that comes with crisis,
each second seeming to last minutes,
your son,
your son,
his beautiful face,
bleeding, battered,
breaking your heart.

How much you must have wanted to scream
Don't let this be today,
at this moment,
even though you knew he was given to you
for just this purpose,
and the sword you felt
had been fortold long ago.

How hard it must have been
not to throw yourself at the guards,
to some how get them to stop,
to let him rest,
to give him a chance
to change his mind
and make this all a nightmare.

And yet, you merely told God
Your will be done,
and continued on,
giving all you had
until the end
and darkness fell.


On the Crucifixion

Suspended in that place
where heaven and earth meet,
an offering of
love unfathomable,
marked by the red liquid of life
given up in sacrifice.

You wait there,
feeling the life you give
ebb away drop by drop,
throb by throb,
swallowed up
by others' sin,
both scapegoat
and sacrifice,
a poem of love,
a sign of contradition,


To Mary, Mother of Sorrows

O Mother of Sorrows,
how often I come here and kneel at your feet,
and see those sorrow-filled eyes
staring up
at the suffering and battered
face of your son,
and still,
you are able to take my hand,
and give it that little squeeze
that says, Have courage.

O Mother of Sorrows,
How often I come here,
and weep all my misery out on your shoulder,
filled with guilt and grief and remorse,
knowing full well the burden
that I have laid on your blessed Son's back,
and still you hold me close,
and comfort me.

O Mother of Sorrows,
How often I have come here,
wanting to comfort you
in your sorrow and your loss,
and found myself overcome with remorse and sadness
over what your son
chose to do that I might live,
and find myself comforted by the one I longed to aid.

O Mother of the Word Incarnate,
Thank you for despising not my petions,
but in your mercy,
hearing and answering me.

Whatever mystery of the Passion you take for the subject of your meditation, you may always bestow attentive consideration on the following five points:

1. The infinite greatness of Him Who suffers.
2. The excess of suffering and ignominy which He endures.
   3. How great is the love with which He suffers.
4. The infinite unworthiness and vileness of those for whom He suffers.
   5. That His principal aim in all His sufferings is to be loved by men.

   Let these reflections sink deep into your mind, and if one of them, or any other point of the meditation which you are reading, should make a lively impression upon your heart, dwell awhile on it without caring to go on any further. You may even make your prayer upon the same point for several days, and even weeks, in succession, if you find it productive of good thoughts, reserving the other points for the following days, and you will Soon perceive how useful such repetitions will be to your soul. After your mind has been employed in attentively considering and reflecting upon the mystery and its attendant circumstances, it will not be difficult for your will to be excited and touched by different holy affections, which you ought to pass some short time in exercising with great calmness of spirit, giving free vent to the emotions of your heart, and following the sweet impulses of God's grace.

Your mission accomplished  Lord,
Peace at last in the arms of Joseph
as the clamouring  ceases.
Nicodemus helps Joseph
to anoint lavishly your body,
lacerated from extravagant scourging.
They wrap your dear body
in a clean linen cloth
and place you gently in a tomb.
Watching silently before Sabbath,
are the women of Galilee,
absorbed in their grief.
Could this really have happened?
Is our Master dead
Who raised Lazarus from the tomb?
Sundown, and they must flee
to their homes to observe
the Sabbath in prayer.
The first light streaks across the horizon,
the Sabbath  gives way to a new dawn,
But who will roll the stone away?
Laden with spices they returned
to anoint the blessed body of Jesus,
instead an angel in white greets them,


THIS prayer was found in the Sepulchre of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in the year 803 and was sent by the Pope to the Emperor Charles on the evening of his departure as he went to battle for his safety.

WHOEVER reads or hears it read or wears it on him will never die a sudden death nor be drowned or burn or any poison affect him or be a prisoner of war or be vanquished. And if it be read over any woman in labour pain she shall be delivered safely and when the child is born, let her place this prayer on the right side of the child and it shall never he troubled by any misfortune. Whoever carries this prayer with him, will never have an epileptic attack and if you see anyone having fits, place this prayer on his right side and he will be cured immediately.

WHOEVER writes this prayer for himself or for others, I will bless him, says the Lord, but whoever mocks or laughs at it will suffer. Believe this for certain, when this prayer is in the house, the house will be safely guarded of thunder and lightning, and whoever reads this prayer daily will be warned three days before his death

On the Passion of Our Lord
By His Stripes

Let me never forget, O Lord,
how you offered yourself for the soldier's whip,
the slapping and blows
of anger and mocking,
and by the blood you shed,
and the death you died,
you wrought our salvation.

And yet we hold the whip still in our hands,
the flagellum with it's biting teeth
flailing through the air
to land with its sickening slap
on your bloodied back
each time we choose to hurt,
to have the final word,
to force,
to gloat,
to ignore,
to deny.

Teach us, O Lord,
to heal instead of harm,
to bless instead of curse,
to love instead of hate,
to see you always in the face of the stranger,
the downcast,
the needy,
the empty.

Instead of the whip,
send us the tears of true repentence,
that with you help,
we may go and sin no more.

 My Lord,
let me remember that sad Friday morning so long ago,
when Pilate presented you to the gathered mob,
a mockery of a king
crowned with thorns
meant to look small,

Yet no mortal man could contain
the love that looked out over the crowd,
the love that heard the cries of hate,
and still forgave,
the love that waited patiently
as the executioners gathered
and sentence was passed,
the love that chose
this very path
to bring us life.

May I never forget
the gift you gave us
that sad Friday so long ago.

Teach Us How To Love

O my Jesus,
and stripped of all,
who laid down your freedom
knowing what we are,
what we have done
and are likely to do again. 

Our hands are not clean, Lord,
never could we be worthy
to be given what you offer us,
your own dear self,
your own body and blood,
medicine beyond all others.
Yet you call us home
to wash us,
heal us,
renew us. 

Teach us how to love! 


Peter in the Courtyard: A Paschal meditation 

A nightmare night,
a night of shadows,
he sat there by the fire,
yet drawn to this place of danger
by a desperate desire to do something. 

The darkness of his soul
how it matched the darkness of the night
as he sat by the fire
not listening to the jibes
of those who sat near him.
He stared into the fire
and waited. 

His world falling apart,
he thought there was nothing left but fear.
"No, I don't know him," he said,
the words escaping his lips
in an unstoppable reflex
of self preservation. 

Fear and anger and anguish,
the darkness of the night,
the pain of waiting,
"No, you are mistaken!"
he chokes on the words, perhaps,
torn in two. 

The third time with curses,
and then he sees
the eyes that know,
the eyes so tired, so sad,
the eyes touch his
with loving forgivness
and his soul plunges into the final darkness
as the cock crows. 

Litany of the Passion

Lord, Have mercy on us.
Christ, Have mercy on us.
Lord, Have mercy on us.
Christ, Hear us.
Christ, Graciously hear us.
God, the Father of Heaven,
Have mercy on us.
God, the Son, Redeemer of the world,
Have mercy on us.
God, the Holy Ghost,
Have mercy on us.

Jesus, brought before Annas and Caiphas,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, struck in the face by a servant,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, accused by false witnesses,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, declared guilty of death,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, spat upon,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, blindfolded,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, smitten on the cheek,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, thrice denied by Peter,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, delivered up to Pilate,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, despised and mocked by Herod,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, clothed in a white garment,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, rejected for Barabbas,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, torn with scourges,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, bruised for our sin,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, esteemed a leper,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, covered with a purple robe,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, crowned with thorns,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, struck with a reed upon the head,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, demanded for crucifixion by the Jews,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, condemned to an ignominious death,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, given up to the will of Thine enemies,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, loaded with the heavy weight of the Cross,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, led like a sheep to the slaughter,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, stripped of Thy garments,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, fastened with nails to the cross,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, reviled by the malefactors,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, promising Paradise to the penitent thief,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, commending St. John to Thy Mother as her son,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, declaring Thyself forsaken by Thy Father,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, in Thy thirst given gall and vinegar to drink,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, testifying that all things written concerning
Thee were accomplished,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, commending Thy Spirit into the hand of Thy Father,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, obedient even to the death of the Cross,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, pierced with a lace,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, made a propitiation for us,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, taken down from the Cross,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, laid in the sepulcher,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, rising gloriously from the dead,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, ascending into Heaven,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, our advocate with the Father, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, sending down on Thy disciples the Holy Ghost,
the Paraclete, Have mercy on us.
Jesus, Who shalt come to judge the living and the dead,
Have mercy on us.
Be merciful, Spare us, O Lord.
Be merciful, Graciously hear us, O Lord.

We adore Thee, O Christ, and praise Thee:  Because by Thy Holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world.

Let Us Pray.
Almighty and eternal God, Who hast appointed Thine only-begotten
Son the Savior of the world, and hast willed to be appeased with
His blood, grant that we may so venerate this price of our salvation,
and by its might be so defended upon earth from the evils of this
present life, that in Heaven we may rejoice in its everlasting fruit. Who lives and reigns with Thee in the unity of the Holy Ghost, world without end. Amen.

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Meditating The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ
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