The Breaking Down of Strongholds
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Breaking Down Strongholds

Our article on the Seeds of Holocaust is actually a reasonable presentation on Original Sin. These seeds are potential and like seeds in a packet, dry and
dormant remain that way until they are germinated. Germinated mostly by environment. That environment begins at the point of conception. Another way of saying this is; Inherited Tendency! Often these are mistaken for what is called Generational Curses. There is an effort called INTERGENERATIONAL HEALING which is completely different than the idea of GENERATIONAL CURSES. This in fact is breaking inherited tendency and goes a long way in breaking down Strongholds. (See the prayer at the end of this article.)

Its proven fact that a child can be taught in the womb. From the time of conception children absorb their environment; liken them to a dry sponge, and the environment water; the sponge soaking up the water. This view of children not knowing what is going on is partially true they cannot explain it as a baby. but it is there. Granted that we are all flawed and yes we do pass on our actions to our children. We can however lessen the impact on our children by being conscious of our own flaws which are actually strongholds of sin within us.

To make this more understandable let us separate our actions into two categories. 1. The higher motives : 2. The lower motives : An example of higher motives is first understood in the Decalogue as "Thou shalt not" making that personal "I will not". The New Testament is a full presentation on the higher motives coupled with the graces to help us get there and forgiveness for the times we have not, beyond that Christ already paid the debt for us, so at the final moment we can go on to glory. Everything the Holy Roman Church teaches is the expression of higher motives. The "how to" excel in a world full of rampant sin.

Here we will explore some of the lower motives that are strongholds that get erected in lives. Unseemly Language, Using the Lords name in vain, Pornography, lying, Cheating, Hate, Racisim, Violence, Child Abuse, An Unforgiving Spirit, Coveting, Adultery, Arrogance, Pride, etc.

Some of the higher motives are Love, Generosity, Compassion, Mercy, Forgiveness, Truthfulness, Respect for authority, Love of all peoples, Service to Others, Humility, Piety etc.

Now that we have the idea I am sure you are beginning to see some of the strongholds in your life. Before we go any further, I will treat a common and popular notion called generational curses. I have no evidence that such a thing exists nor can I really argue against it. What the foundation appears to be is in scripture Ref: Deuteronomy, where the Lord stated that he would visit the sins of the fathers to the fourth generation, however elsewhere the lord took that away by and established the culpability for actions at the age of reason which is understood to be 9 years old. For the purposes of this discussion my advice is to ignore that and concentrate on the strongholds that are current in life. Once those are worked on anything further can be dealt with as a separate issue. I have found that as folks deal with strongholds the rest usually falls away. Pray for your enemies both known and unknown is the best medicine and the Rosary the best weapon.

Go to God; ask Him to let the Holy Spirit so convict you that you will be able to repent, confessing your sin and your inability to save yourself. He will deliver you from the power of darkness and place you in the Kingdom of His dear Son (Colossians 1:13).

If after salvation, you feel the need for deliverance, go back to God with your Bible in hand. Read Galatians until the message is clear. God says you are free: (1) your ego is "crucified with Christ" (2:20); your flesh "has been crucified" (5:24); you are "crucified to the world" (6:14). These crucifixions have one goal: freedom via resurrection with Christ here and now.

The story is told of a captive eagle tethered to a stake by a chain ten feet long. Marching in a circle for years, he wore a track in the ground. Finally the owner removed the chain, but the eagle persisted in walking in the same circle. One day someone pushed him off his beaten track; in astonishment he looked around, flapped his wings, and soared to his natural habitat.

God wants you, like the eagle, to soar into heavenly places in Christ Jesus, because He has placed you there (Ephesians 2:6). There is no need for you to wearily plod on your old beaten track. When Satan tempts you, tell him what God says about you. When he reminds you of your past, remind him of his future!

When your "feelings" say you need deliverance, believe God, not your feelings. If misguided persons say you need "deliverance ministry," remind them of what God says, "Stand fast in the liberty with which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage" (Galatians 5:1). "Whom the Son sets free, is free indeed" (John 8:36). Who knows? You may write a much needed book on "Generation Blessings."


Valentina was our well-informed tour guide in Moscow. It was shortly after Glasnost, and we were free to give Bibles on the street and preach in the churches. One day Valentina told us the following story:

I was a devout Communist from childhood. I believed the Marxist system to be the best in the world. I believed most people in the West lived in poverty with great scarcity of food and other necessities. Then unexpectedly I was given the privilege of going to London. Arriving late at night, the first place I wanted to visit the next morning was a super market. As I just entered the door and saw the vast array of all sorts of foods, I stood as if frozen by the shock. Suddenly I knew I had believed a LIE!

As we look together at the only occurrence of the term "strongholds" in the New Testament we will see it is referring to LIES that, like Communism, were promulgated by ungodly people.

At the time Paul wrote his second letter to the church in Corinth, heretical teachers in the church were attacking Paul's integrity as an apostle and, in the process, undermining the Gospel. In 2 Corinthians 10-13, he defends his apostleship and calls his beloved converts back to the Truth. Probably the best known verse in this section and certainly the one that is a favorite of all who engage in spiritual warfare is this: "For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God for pulling down strongholds" (10:4). Dr. Reddin is a retired Professor from Central Bible College. taken from the book, "Power Encounter"

To break down strongholds one has to start at the beginning by first examining Faith. It is surprising to see how many Catholics are only Catholic as a label. In other words they go to church, sit there, and then leave and on Monday its back to the same old round of strongholds.
Then they wonder why life is such a mess, or they come saying they must have a curse. To their surprise they hear me say;" no one needs to curse you, you have done a fine job of it on your own!" Strongholds are wide open gateways for the demonic influence and in my experience I have found after exploring past matters I find that the individual messed around with the occult. Ouji boards and Dungeons and Dragons the most common.

That and or they have dropped out of any Christian devotion or in many cases never had that before. Thus faith must be established and that by way of the Holy Spirit. True Repentance is the first step. It is surprising how many come that although wearing the label of Catholic really never believed. Later I will treat that under an article; "BELIEVING UNBELIEF". So true salvation and true repentance are the first steps to achieving the helper called the Holy Spirit for a lasting  state of life where strongholds have been broken. It does no good to break them without faith as sooner or later it will return usually worse than it ever was. Psychology is full of examples of that fact. Psychologists will tell you that those with a solid faith usually are cured never to return.

That said; faith is the key. "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen"!

Strongholds begin with the imprint of environment at an age usually beyond memory. Then they begin outward expression and become habit and once ingrained are very difficult to root out.

I will tell this story here to amplify what I mean by this and the results it can have in individual lives. This is one case out of many and it best explains what I am saying here. I will call this person Bill.

Bill explained this way; I was raised in a home where the air was blue with cursing on a moment by moment basis (stronghold) My people were critical of each other (stronghold) I was molested at an early age (stronghold) Lying was practiced (stronghold), Vulgarity was  constant, and Coveting (stronghold).

Cheating and stealing was considered funny (stronghold). My father shoplifted regularly (stronghold). My father was leaving for work when I was little and I was in my moms arms and I tried to give him a kiss and he shoved me away and when asked why he said; "I don`t want him to turn into a queer". (stronghold) Unseemly sexual acting out went on. (stronghold) My father never told my mother that he loved her. (stronghold) When I was seven some men arsoned our barn and the fire woke me up. I was terrified but told to go to my room, all I could do was stand at my window shaking. (stronghold) Later he would be beat on every day at school because of this (stronghold). His father never hugged him always held him at arms length and swore at him. (stronghold) he did love him but in a cold idea of manhood. (stronghold)

Bill; When I was eight I came down with double lobar pneumonia and for 3 weeks I ran raging fevers and Sulfa drugs were not working, so to save my life my doctor used an experimental drug called Peniscylin to save me. At that time there was no therapy available so it left me brain damaged and dyslexic with a stage of autism. (stronghold). Then a tonsilectomy where I was strapped to a table and I went hysterical and an impatient nurse screamed in my face to shut up and was put under with ether immediately. (stronghold) After that my weight went completely out of control so I became Billy Dim Wit and socially isolated. (stronghold) By the end of the fifth grade I was so school battered that I refused to go back. (stronghold) Often people who he thought well of and had tried to please were nice to his face but he would find out that they actually thought he was worthless and often that was expressed directly to him as worthless and no good! (stronghold) Bill grew up a loner, books and his dog were his companions. (stronghold)
What we have here is a profile of systematic abuse fitting a serial killer.

Bill said; There also many positives. He was raised and confirmed Catholic. His mother instilled in him moral Catholic values, his grandmother did also. He did see his parents in prayer and he prayed the rosary in his youth. He mentioned that God intervened directly in his life but did not specify, but apparently saved him. He did have faith and although at some points only like a mustard seed it did bloom later and as he grew in Faith, it kept him from criminal behavior. His father helped him in many ways and in his youth was able to do things most kids never get to do.
A sixth grade teacher herself a devout Catholic taught Bill tools so he could learn. They were friends for 55 years.

That same faith came forward and in time he began that long process of breaking down those strongholds until finally he had beaten down all of them to the point that he prayed every day granting forgiveness to all that had wronged him and asking forgiveness from those he had wronged. He said that forgiving it all was tough but he also knew that forgiving was a large part of healing. I asked him what his biggest tools were. He replied; Faith, Hope, Love, Scripture Reading, Prayer, Fasting and The Rosary. He prayed for the good gifts of the holy Spirit as part of his prayers.

Have you ever heard someone say; "I will never forgive or I will never forgive myself" Talk about a self erected stronghold! Have you ever heard anyone curse Satan? Strongholds hold one in darkness and worse our children. Move from darkness and slavery to the freedom of the light in Christ Jesus.

In the words of Father Eutenaur; "The Rosary batters the doors of Hell".

Almighty God granted each with Freedom of choice and Freewill. Are we to be like that Eagle mentioned above walking endlessly in the same worn path of Strongholds germinated in the Seeds of Holocaust or will we in Faith pick up the weapons of our Faith and destroy those strongholds that keep us from peace and a full life and knock ourselves off that worn path largely of habit with firm resolve go forward.

Take each stronghold one at a time. If it took years to erect them it will probably be years before they are gone. I asked bill how long it took him? He replied; about thirty years. He said; it took five just  to get rid of using the Lords name in vain! Then he added with a wry smile; I looked around to find who it was that hurt me the most and I found out it was me!

I did not tell Bill`s complete story here as much of that will have to be held forever confidential
although I can comment that it would make you very uneasy to listen to. Bill became and is a fine soldier of the cross, a family man, and a worthwhile citizen and devoted Catholic. It is a tribute to the power of faith in Christ.

We have all sinned and come short of the Glory of God. Out of abiding love of Christ we can move forward to be better Catholics, and better citizens knowing that in this life, we will always need the saving grace of salvation. We break sown strongholds to be better persons but it is always Christ who makes us better, but our decision to become better, the helper has fertile soil to use in that end. A slave can never be free until he decides to be. It is that decision and a firm resolve to be free in Christ, that no stronghold can stand against.

But God; in the riches of his mercy and his exceeding love in which he loves us even when we are dead in our transgressions raises us up to life in Christ Jesus. By grace we have been saved and that not of ourselves it is a gift from God! You choose by free will accepting or rejecting the gift. To break down strongholds is a choice made out of love for God. No stronghold can stand against PRAYER, FASTING, and THE ROSARY. The question arises; What is the chief obstacle to breaking strongholds? The answer in one word is Pride!  Honest introspection can only be done by way of conviction of the Holy Spirit. Once a stronghold is broken, Faith must fill that void.

The Rosary Batters and breaks the strongholds, it is the weapon of choice amongst spiritual warriors. In the article the Seeds of Holocaust there is a statement which now I am sure is understood with clarity. "Without divine help overcoming evil is not possible". Our Lord Jesus Christ gave us the way to overcome. Our Blessed Mother is the one destined to crush Satan`s head. She gave us the Rosary to accomplish that crushing, through her.

Example of Intergeneartional Healing Prayer:

"Mary our Mother, we seek your protection and intercession with the Sacred Heart of Jesus for me and my family, and surround us with your mantle of love to discourage the enemy."

"In the Name of Jesus, I bind and command all the powers and forces of evil to depart right now away from us, our homes and our lands. And we thank You Lord Jesus for You are a faithful and compassionate God Amen."

"Heavenly Father, I ask You now to go back though all in my bloodline, my husband's/wife's bloodline, and the bloodlines connected to all of my family and relatives and forgive the wrongs, heal the illnesses, bind the evil deeds. I ask You Lord to break the chains, associations and links any of these may have to us here in the present. On their behalf Lord, I seek Your forgiveness, your healing and a pouring out of your Divine Love so that Your Love may now pour forth through the years and touch us in the here and now. So that Your Divine and Healing Love will take the place of all the past hurts, angers, hates, unlove of You, destructive emotions or actions and evil ties of our ancestors. So that Your Precious Blood and Divine Love and Healing will heal us of the residue we carry from our ancestors. In true faith I thank You Lord because You have said 'Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened to you'. Today Lord I knock, I seek, I ask. All praise and thanks to You my loving Father."

Having said all of this and given examples of what strongholds are about and an idea of how they get erected in us. Let`s review a few steps.

1. The first and most important is Faith. Examine your faith and be honest with your self.
2. Seek out someone to pray with you.
3. The Sacrament of Reconcilliation is there for this healing there is nothing like a complete confession and the graces of it to break down strongholds. Often its best to schedule an appointment for this as the priest will have time to guide you and make sure he knows that
you need his discernment. Make it a regular practice in your life.
4. Be consistent and constant.
5. If there is a ministry that does Intergenerational healing make use of it. You have been on the defensive now go on the offensive.  The best defense is a firm offense.
6 Pray the Rosary.
7. Never look back! Remember the lesson of Lot`s wife. There is a statement in scripture;"They
walk through hell and play in it as if it were a garden". Its hard to break old patterns and take on the new. Know that misery can be a comfort zone of sorts. The example of the Eagle given above; are you that Eagle?
8. Do not be a perfectionist you will not be perfect until the perfect comes.
9. Eventually your life will be the light Christ spoke of. You are a diamond in the rough and now your resolve is polishing the facets so you can shine more brilliantly.
10. No one can see to your salvation. The church and all its resources and all of the ministries are there for you but YOU are the one that chooses to make use of them.


Yours in Christ:

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