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Beliveing Unbelief

The title of this work may seem to be an oxymoron but in actuality describes what seems to be epidemic throughout Christianity and in particular Catholicism. There has always been some who claim to be Christians, Catholics, yet in their lives one sees the opposite or in their views have accepted the notions of the world which are diametricly opposed to the teachings of the Church and yet claim to be members of the church. In recent times this has become a very noticeable trend.

During the season of Advent and Easter I brace myself for the hoardes that show up and am always amazed at how quickly the crowd disperses back to the same regular group. If you go to the same church all the time you know what I mean. If you look at Church Regulars one will find an even smaller group using the Sacrament of Reconcilliation. The trend we are seeing runs contrary to the efforts being promoted throughout Christianity and the Holy Roman Church in particular. Scripture addresses this so what we are seeing is not new but what we are seeing is amongst those who by any measure should and probably do know better.

Years ago I did a teaching series on this subject which lasted some 12 hours on tape (don`t panic I won`t do that here) what follows is a condensed version of that same work. I chose the title Believing Unbelief to reflect what I was seeing amongst Catholics that I ended up calling Smorgasboard Catholics. If you have ever been to a smorgasboard or dined at a cafeteria you selected what you wanted from a choice of foods. Smorgasboard Catholics select from the list of doctrines that which fits their particular views and shrug off the rest. Thus they can call themselves Catholics and at the same time justify actions which are contrary to Church Teachings which in their authoritative minds have in their view suppressed their individual idea of how the church should be, or worse that which pricks their concience perhaps coflicting with a lifestyle. Actually the reasons are numerous. In other words Practicing a form of godliness although denying its power.

In church history there has always been adversity against the church and its members, In the past 3500 years there has been only 235 years of actual peace in the civilized world. During the past 2000 years the church and its leadership has never known real peace and of course we were told before hand that this would be so. The gates of hell constantly barraging the bulwark of the faith. In no other period has the Church experienced more than it has during the twentieth century. The twentieth century produced more martyrs than at any other time in history. The twenty first so far if the trend continues will top the previous century. Now one would imagine that a population that witnessed the horrors that World War 2 produced and the enormous loss of life and the devastation that every soul would be clinging to every word of the Gospel, if that was not enough Korea,Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan etc should make people realize that peace at best is illusive and that although the best secular minds attempt to find a common ground peace eludes their best efforts. Now one would imagine that sooner or later the lights would come on that man cannot do this on his own. If anything history proves the existence of evil that results from sin and its consequences.

One would think that populations that have witnessed such a blood bath would turn to the literal sense of the Gospels as being a way of life and peace. Study after study shows that faithfull Christians are better adjusted and have much happier lives. Catholics in particular living within the sacraments of the church are over all better adjusted and happier not becuase they are insulated from the viscitudes, instead they perhaps experience more because of their faith. They stand on the rock of their faith and face life with hope.

There is no worse death than the loss of all hope. What we are seeing in the developed world is populations turning to the very ideas that produced the conditions of past holocausts and seem to be intent on creating a new one. Peace comes at a price. There is only one roadmap to true peace and that roadmap is contained in Holy Scripture. Considering that the collected works known as the Holy Bible has been with us since the First Council of Nicea and that would be for the past 1800 years, and for all intents and purposes has been largely ignored.
Ignored because to achieve true peace means that one has to give up something in order to gain something. There in that statement is the problem. Chrisitians in the literal sense serve a monarchy, a king, Jesus Christ. Considering that the sum of scripture teaches sin and its consequences and the way to overcome through Love and Forgiveness. Church history is replete with the blood shed by millions of Martyrs and converse to that is the marvelous stories and yes; the incorrupt bodies of Saints who show us that the path of true peace can only be found in faith. There is a truth that one can never compromise with evil. It is fact that one does not stand for something they will fall for anything.

There all always those who attempt to walk the middle road. Christ described them as luke warm. They believe in their unbelief. So let`s examine some examples of this.

"I am Catholic and believe in God but not the rest of that stuff".
"I am Catholic but do not believe there is a Hell even though the church teaches that there is".
"I am Catholic but do not go to Confession God knows my sins".
"I am Catholic but I am Prochoice".
"I am Catholic but I approve of Euthanasia".
"I am Catholic but I support Embryonic stem cell research".
"I am Catholic and I let my kids play with ouji boards and voodoo".
"I am Catholic and I support same sex marriage".
"I am Catholic and a religious and also a feminist I support ordination of women".
"I am Catholic but I believe that Jesus was just a good man like Ghandi".
"I am Catholic and I go to church once in a while".
"I am Catholic and I believe that sex outside of marriage is O.K."
"I am Catholic but the church teaches stuff I don`t agree with".
"I am Catholic I believe that if you are a good person you will go to heaven anyway".
"I am Catholic but its O.K. to text message my girlfriend at mass".
"I am Catholic but What the church teaches is not my faith."

I could go on and on with this but you can see from the above quotes that they believe in a way but do not believe in another way. In other words they have
made a compromise that allows them to keep on with their pet transgressions and at the same time comfort themselves with the thought that they are
Catholic. Lukewarm and unfortunately I find that also amongst professed religious. There is no such thing as comfortable Catholicism, Christainity.


In these days of instant communication, instant foods, internet, games, material goods of any description, instant gratification, easy wealth, access to education, worldly wisdom, easy divorce, if it feels good do it, perversion and corruption at all levels where truth has become suspect and a lie is believed as truth it is easy to lose sight of the actual meaning of our existence. We are not here to enjoy ourselves solely, we are here to answer the primary question? Like the angels man has a choice to make and that choice is; Whom will you serve? If you claim to be a good person and you are going to heaven anyway by what standard are you using to claim good? If you are pro culture of death and still go to communion do you honestly believe that is valid? If you are a Bishop or Priest and you know the position of this individual and do nothing do you honestly believe that God honors that? Do you actually believe that your vows are valid?

Remember man that in all of your technology and science that you have entered the first days of kindergarten. That even with what you think you have accomplished without the moral guidance of the church your accomplishments are but a pile of filthy rags! Do you remember that all of your wealth, accomplishments and postion in society can be wiped out in an instant?

Can you hold the universe in your hands?
Can you create the sun?
Can you hold the stars in position?
Can you create water?
Can you create fire?
Can you create life itself.

No you cannot so then how is it that you think you can kick up your heels at he who created all of it and what makes you think that you are above him or a law unto your self. A superior person is one who has grounded themselves in Moral Truth and that enlightenment can only be found in Christ! Unplug your ears and wipe away the film from your eyes, reject the lies you have believed and turn to those truths that have been evident in you and around you.

We Say in the creed;"I believe in God" we aslo say we "Believe in Jesus Christ". My question here is; Do you believe God and what he has said in Holy Scripture, Do you Believe Jesus Christ and what he said in Scripture. " I believe in God" O.K. But Do You Believe Him?

                Joshua: 1:1 NASB

14 "Now, therefore, fear the LORD and serve Him in sincerity and truth; and put away the gods which your fathers served beyond the River and in Egypt, and serve the LORD.

15 "If it is disagreeable in your sight to serve the LORD, choose for yourselves today whom you will serve: whether the gods which your fathers served which were beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you are living; but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.


Peace be with you:

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