From: Victor (Marcus) Christianus
Date: 1/26/2010 12:26:22 PM
Dear Sir:

 The following are two letters that I request you to send to the other members of the Confraternity on my behalf:

My Dear Brethren in Christ:

 I am your brother, in the flesh of Christ, from Lahore, Pakistan. As much as you, I am a member of the Confraternity of Saint Joan of Arc. I believe that it would be fitting if I put some words to meaning and send them to you.

 When joining the Confraternity, we must have all felt a thrill, and I am certain, a familiarity. Perhaps, that was as a result of hearing about a great French Heroine who bravely drove the English from Orleans, France. Perhaps it was the result of good book long ago, that some amongst us may have read. Perhaps it was because of the Joan of the television series. Whatever our association, it should come as no surprise that God chose this young maiden to be the leader not only of the French warriors of her time, but also of the Spiritual Warriors of today.

 We are those warriors, and her command sounds as fresh in our ears as did with the bands of Frenchmen that she led.
For beyond death, and particularly Canonization, the language of Heaven is prayer. As affirm the Children of Fatima, as affirms general belief. The language of heaven is prayer. Therefore, in our little way, in our little prayers, we have long since been in conversation with this great Saint. Is not conversation a form of interaction? Quite possibly an exchange? Then what exchange has been more fruitful than for the prayers between the Maid and us and the Maid and God? What interaction has proven more sacred than for the veneration of saints: all alive, all interceding.

  When I was very new to this Confraternity of ours, I had one question in mind that I knew only my soul could answer: What must I do? For the Confraternity, for her people. I found the answer only yesterday, in the words of that Immaculate Being, the Ark of the New Covenant, the Queen of Heaven: Prayer, Sacrifice, and Penance. Is not this the action of our Patron, Saint Joan? Was not her life in itself a prayer, a sacrifice and an act of Penance? Indeed, truly indeed.

 It is incumbent especially upon those of us who belong to the Prayer Warriors of Saint Joan. The prayers we pray as our duty are just the tip of the iceberg. We must make whatever we do a prayer and a sacrifice to God. By remembering Him in our work, by taking refuge in the most Holy Bosom of Jesus at rest, by praying to Him, by speaking to Him, as if He is (and indeed it is true) our best friend. However, we see in the concluding chapter of Holy Gospel of Saint John, that even the first Vicar of Christ jumped down into the sea when he saw Jesus before him. Who then are we? Where do we stand? Surely, the Lord is Holy. Surely, we are infinitely unworthy. Domine, non sum dignus! Therefore, we have the Blessed Mother, your Mother and mine, the Mother of God. Therefore we have our Patron, Saint Joan. We must not be shy to seek refuge in our Mother and this holy sister.

 We must act in the way of the Cross of Jesus, carrying our crosses, little as they may be and tarry behind Him. We have Our Lady, the Blessed Mother and Saint Joan as our company. Indeed, every Catholic is blessed with the company of the saints and of angels, like Saint Joan was, it is just that our hearts haven't tuned in enough to be able to hear them. It is the very act of tuning one's heart and mind to God and His Church that we call sainthood.

 We must strive to be little Joans of our own. We must strive for the God she strived for. This struggle must include prayer, sacrifice and Penance as our gaols. This is what I recommend you to do. Put on the Armour of God (Ephesians 6:10-18), and fight the battle for Our Lady. It is us who in the Mystical Body of Christ, in these end times whom the devil shall strike, it is we, lower than all the Saints, that shall face combat with him (Genesis 3:15).

 Therefore, we must pray to the extent that our very lives should become as unceasing prayers to God, that we should sacrifice: persevere and bear our Crosses with a heart full of Faith, Hope and Charity. It is we who are in most need of Christ's Divine Mercy.

 Our Patron, Saint Joan left a great example for us by performing the First Saturdays Devotion. That is the spirit of Penance. What did Mary, the ever-virgin, the Immaculate have in her to purify Herself of? Yet she waited for the days of Her purification to be completed before entering the Temple. For Penance and Purification are meant not only for the sinners (who nevertheless need them the most) but they act as further enhancement of even the holiest. For in God, their is no ceiling. He alone is the First, He alone is the Last.

 Therefore, I beg you to be faithful sons of the Confraternity. Take Mary as your Mother, and Joan as your sister. They shall lead you. They shall guide you. When slow, they shall speed you. When quick, they shall calm you. Listen well to their counsels, and never think of yourself as anything more than a servant amongst many others.

Now, it will be fitting for me to beg that you work hard for the promotion of the Confraternity. The letter following this will help you in in the promotion of our Confraternity.
 Know well that you and I are one in Jesus, He who is one with the Father Almighty. We are the mystical children of Mary, let us lead a life of Marian Piety and ever receive Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

 Your Brother amongst many brethren, in the Body of Christ: the One Holy Apostolic and Catholic Church,
Christian greetings from Victor Marcus Christianus
My Dear Brethren,
The following are some suggestions that may be useful for you in promoting the Confraternity:

- Put the Confraternity URL at your messenger textbox/signature, use it as your site URL (if you don't have your own) in profiles and you may leave it handwritten at say, a newspaper/magazine some at public place.

- Tell all your friends about the CSJA.

- Talk about the Confraternity when meeting fellow Church-goers outside the Parish.

- Try googling particular topic titles that you know are on the CSJA Website....this will make us more visible on search engines.

- Stick a small chit containing the URL of the CSJA Website at the corner of your car but make sure that it is legal in your area.

- Go to websites where you can comment about other sites and comment on the Confraternity's website.

- You can SMS the link of the CSJA website to friends.

- Pray, Pray and Pray: Pray for the Confraternity, her members, her director and her progress.
Christian greetings from Victor Marcus Christianus

Dear Director

I would like to first thank you for the wonderful messages we receive from you. The CSJA and your communications with us have been a true blessing for me.

Also, I am pleased to let you know that I received my information and rosary group number from the Association of the Living Rosary. I am very excited about it. I have been faithfully praying the decade you gave me and will start with my new rosary group on Sept 15th, according to the card.

Both the CSJA and the Living Rosary (not to mention the Apostleship of Prayer) fit perfectly into my lifetime spiritual call that began many years ago when I consecrated myself to the Virgin Mary according to the formula of St. Louis de Montfort. Joining these confraternaties and associations has not brought much in the way of new demands; they have been more a continuation of what Our Lady began in me and what St. Joan and St. Thérèse have assisted me with over the years. Our Lord is astonishing.

Thank you again, and God Bless!